Giving voice to women in 2017

BARCELONA    April 21st, 2017                     Valkiria Hub Space – Form 16 to 20 h

Join us for a full day of talks and exclusive interactive sessions

  • Discussion panel with experts in areas related to entrepreneurship, women in leadership, gender issues
  • Interactive sessions where you will have the opportunity to learn how to become an AWEsome Speaker
  • More opportunity to connect, network, and collaborate

AWE SUMMIT is joining the WORLD WORK INNOVATION INSTITUTE (a.k.a. WWI) project, established on INNOHUB VALKIRIA in Barcelona. HUMAN TALENT is one of the core pillars of WWI, and AWE SUMMIT’s role is to empower women as leaders, having SOFT SKILLS as key differential one for the new working models

Tulia AWE Summit Porto




May Carrasco


Awesome Ladies Porto 2017


  1. AWE Summit’s mission is to draw women from the background to the foreground, and to create an environment of experience sharing and peer learning.
  2. You can expand your women’s contact base, network, collaborate, find business opportunities and have FUN!
  3. It’s open to establish friendships through stories that inspire, impact, transform…
  4. Everyone’s story matters!
  5. We are in this journey together, women and men.
  6. Together we can support each other and have a bigger impact.



Speakers Barcelona 2017
Tulia Lopes grande

Tulia Lopes

Founder of AWE Summit and published author of Women in High Heels


Tulia Lopes is a passionate entrepreneur, international speaker, leadership, communication and stage presence trainer, founder of AWE Summit, and author.

She works with professional women who have the challenge of leading teams, deliver presentations, talks, seminars to audiences of different types and sizes. She helps them to develop a message which will inspire, influence and impact. Engaging and leading the audiences to take action and be ready to say “YES» to their offers, products or services. Building a contact and client base towards effective and profitable results in their areas of expertise.

She is Europe’s Leading Communication, Stage Presence & Leadership Expert for Women Who Want to Stand Out, Speak Up & Shine!

She started her career in architecture and design. In the early 90s while living in Dublin she discovered the entrepreneurial “bug» when she co-founded Manuson Ltd., a localisation company providing services to the Brazilian market. And from there she took many leading roles both in private and corporate environments.

A decade later she found another passion, communication and public speaking, as skills for personal and professional development.

In 2014 in Zurich, she created the event AWE Summit – Giving Voice to Women. Where women from different professional fields share their experiences, to inspire others to take action. The AWE Summit is already present in Zurich, Barcelona and Porto.

Her motto “I’m a creator. If I don’t find a door, I build one.”

AWE Summit is here to make it happen!


Julia Salsas

Julia Salsas

Consultora senior, emprendedora experta en RSC


ConSentidoComún da sentido a su carrera profesional: le permite aunar su vocación social con su formación en responsabilidad social y comunicación.

Licenciada en Humanidades y Periodismo por la Universidad Pompeu Fabra y Master en Dirección de RSE por el Instituto de Empresa. Inició su carrera profesional en el mundo de la comunicación trabajando en empresas como Bassat & Ogilvy, Tiempo BBDO o la Fundación “la Caixa”, siendo la responsable de comunicación de programas de voluntariado, cooperación internacional o integración social y definiendo las estrategias institucionales.

Su vocación social le llevó a vivir dos largas temporadas fuera de España trabajando como cooperante en Malawi y Guatemala.

ConSentidoComún es el proyecto que da sentido a su carrera profesional ya que le permite aunar su vocación social con su formación en materia de responsabilidad social y comunicación: consultora del Instituto de Innovación Social de ESADE, de diferentes empresas y PYMES en materia de RSC y fundaciones o asociaciones que fomentan la responsabilidad en diferentes organizaciones. Ofrece asimismo formación en materia de RSC y comunicación social y es columnista habitual de diferentes publicaciones especializadas de RSC.


May Carrasco

May Carrasco

Médico en Medicina Tradicional China


Tengo una ilusión infinita por aprender. Soy absolutamente feliz compaginando mi trabajo de doctora con mi labor de madre y abuela.

Soy la mayor de 5 hermanos. Estudié Derecho siguiendo la tradición familiar aunque mi pasión siempre fue la Medicina. Me casé joven y tuve 3 hijas. Cuando nació la tercera dejé el despacho donde trabajaba, me saqué el título de traductora y compaginé el cuidado de las niñas con trabajos de traducción desde casa.

Al cabo de 25 años me divorcié. Fue duro. Toqué fondo. Pero un día decidí renacer, reinventarme. Tenía 52 años. Dejé de llorar y me puse a estudiar. Quería ser Médico y lo iba a ser: Médico especialista en Medicina Tradicional China.

En el universo, todo es energía y la Medicina China me daba lo oportunidad de adentrarme en el conocimiento de la energía del ser humano. Conseguí el Bachelor of Sciences with honours in Traditional Chinese Medicine por la Wales University. Después me marché a China para realizar un Postgrado en el Hospital Universitario de Sunyi (Beijing).

Al cabo de unos meses regresé a Barcelona y abrí mi propia consulta de Médico en Medicina Tradicional China. Desde entonces he seguido formándome en diversas disciplinas siempre relacionadas con la Medicina, la psicología.

Olga Blasco

Olga Blasco

Entrepreneur – Business Strategist


A nomad at heart, Olga’s known for her infectious laughter, a borderline obsession with spreadsheets, and wearing unusual accessories.

Originally a translator from Barcelona, Olga moved to Dublin in 1995, where she ended up holding leadership positions in US translation multinationals Lionbridge and Welocalize and implemented complex delivery services to sustain 10-30% annual growth through mergers and acquisitions.

What drives Olga is learning every day, understanding difficult challenges to steer a way forward, harnessing collective power to drive change, and coaching people to actualize their full potential.

During her sabbatical in 2015 that Olga decided to fulfil a long-held ambition and get actively involved with NGOs that support empowerment for the socially disadvantaged.

That’s how she became involved with Düsler Akademisi / Kizlar Atakta Program (Girls without Barriers) and TEGV as instructor and advisor in Turkey, and The Rosetta Foundation in Ireland, where she’s driving strategy, sustainability, and partnerships. In 2016 she has joined the advisory board of two NGO startups in Istanbul.

Olga now combines her non-profit collaborations in Ireland and Turkey with her work as a consultant to help companies with business strategy for growth.

A nomad at heart, Olga’s known for her infectious laughter, a borderline obsession with spreadsheets, and wearing unusual accessories. She has a passion for gypsy and tribal fusion dance, and has been teaching and performing for 10 years. Olga loves cooking for loved ones, and can never get enough of the sun and the sea.

Ana Guerberof

Ana Guerberof

Lecturer and researcher at UAB y EEAB – Writer – Translator


I emigrated from Argentina to Spain when I was 14 years old. This, together with the family that I was born into, is probably my most defining moment.

I had a keen interest in languages, so I enrolled in Translation and Interpreting in Granada University, and immediately afterwards I moved to Dublin because it was as difficult then as it is now to find a job in Spain.

After ten years of living and working in Ireland, I came back to Spain —this time to Barcelona— in what was going to be a three-month stay, and ended up being a permanent residence. During these fifteen years, I completed my PhD in Translation and Intercultural Studies, and started writing more steadily.

Last year I left my job as Director of European Operations in an international translation agency to look for a more fulfilling, and rewarding occupation while focusing more on my writing.

Luckily, I’m now teaching Writing and Editing skills at the Escola d’Escriptura de l’Ateneu Barcelonès, and translation at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. I continue to write chronicles, short-stories and poetry.

I also practice yoga which helps me to find strength and balance in my life. I like to socialise and I love animals and nature.

Marta Recassens

Marta Recassens

Dra. Arquitecto por la ETSA de Barcelona UPC, hoy Tecno – Creativa.


Autora y titular de varias patentes se aventura en el mundo empresarial con la creación y gestión de 2 tiendas en régimen de franquicia y posteriormente crea 2 empresas.

Tras trabajar durante 20 años de ejercicio profesional con despacho propio http://www.tra-s.com/ con la realización de diversos proyectos arquitectónicos, como viviendas unifamiliares aisladas, edificios plurifamiliares, rehabilitaciones, oficinas y hoteles.

Compaginé dicha actividad, con la de docente en la universidad politécnica de edificación con clases de Dibujo y expresión Gráfica y en la actualidad emprendimiento, tras desarrollar la iniciativa emprendedora y de innovación desde el año 2006, con la titulación de Doctor Arquitecto en el año 2012. Con vocación comunicativa, me ha llevado a realizar numerosas conferencias, y evaluadora de proyectos por toda España .

Autora y titular de varias patentes en el campo del diseño y la tecnología, me aventuro con el mundo empresarial con la creación y gestión de 2 tiendas en régimen de franquicia y posteriormente con la creación de 2 empresas Reka all Wear,S.L., cuyo objeto social es la de gestión de patentes y marcas y Bici-Park cuyo objeto social recoge el desarrollo de una de las patentes, como el aparcamiento inteligente para la bicicleta privada.

Actualmente socia Co-fundadora y CEO de la compañía http://www.vadecity.com/es. Empresa vinculada y comprometida con el diseño y Smart city, cuya actividad proporciona soluciones inteligentes para los problemas que se derivan en las ciudades, como el sistema de aparcamiento inteligente para la bicicleta privada en Barcelona.

What happened at the past AWE Summit Porto 2016?

Summit Videos




What an incredible weekend it’s been in Portugal. It was truly memorable and some great friendships were made.

Jane Frankland

CEO & Founder of Jane Frankland Agency

A special shout out to the speakers who shared their incredibly inspiring stories, it was my honour to stand alongside you.

Kamales LardibH

Author, SM strategist at Lardi & Partner Consulting

Tulia is in the first place an inspirational person. She is driven, focused an a real entrepreneur: working with Tulia is in for success.

Sandra Van de Cauter

Portfolio Manager pRED Operations

AWESummit is a fantastic platform for woman to come together and lift each other up in the deepest and most empowering way.

Mahima Klinge

Self-Mastery Mentor, Founder of Love Silence


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