Become an AWE Speaker


If you are an experienced speaker* get in touch with us

Tulia Speaker

Provide us with:

  • a short video of one of your presentations – if you don’t have one, please provide us with information, testimonials on your previous performances. We would request you to record a home video, 5 minutes maximum.

  • a short BIO (250 words maximum) or a LinkedIn profile and the answers for these questions:

       1. Why do you want to speak in our event?

       2. What is your take away message?

       3. What do you know about us?

* For experienced speaker we refer to a person who has a considerable stage time (2-3 years); has spoken to audiences of more than 80  people; delivers presentations on a regular basis

If you feel this is an opportunity for you, reach out!

Applications without the information requested won’t be considered.

Thank you!

If you are not ready don’t worry: We help you out!

If you are not an experienced speaker, you can still become part of our team of AWE Speakers

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For that we offer you the opportunity to participate in one of our training programs.

After the training we will assess you and the best students will have the opportunity to be selected to participate in one of our future AWE Summit events, or any other partner event.

We are committed to offer women a top quality training they will need to «own any stage». Whether it is in a business meeting, an audience of hundreds, or even an one-on-one encounter, we will be able to support you to unleash the best communicator in you and help you to craft your signature story.

If you would like to discuss which training program will suit best your needs, please contact here.

For information on the next training

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